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Donita 3 years ago
I only date white guys because black guys don't appreciate a good woman nor a great fuck. I love that white guys don't rush when performing oral they are not satisfied until the gal cums. And when white guys cum its like plentiful I mean they seem to never stop cumming. Balls aren't large for no reason.
Wow 3 years ago
Her skin is so pretty
Teacher 3 years ago
She was a student at my school...had some fun with her and so did her step dad
boby 3 years ago
She is so lovely,beautiful,amazing enjoy just watching her! I would enjoy even more to talk with her...and then...
1 year ago
Her: "I like close, passionate love making. I'm not so much into doggystyle."

Random Porn Guy: *proceeds to fuck her emotionless and twice doggy*
Big dick 3 years ago
Oehhh I wanne fuck here real long and real hard
2 years ago
Man She's hot
Raju 8 months ago
I like also fucking
Dragons_Lair7 2 years ago
If she wants to do a bondage scene, I can help her with that!
JollyGreenGiant 2 years ago
I would pay for a piece of that ...fuck